I’ve always tried to represent (paint) things that are recognizable. Lately I’ve been trying to find a recognizable style as well. The problem is, I get bored painting in the same way. So the style of my paintings is all over the place. I’ve kind of grown to like that, I guess. But if I was pressed I would say that all my stuff is all “representational”…mostly.

I get excited every time it go into the studio because I know that all I need to do is WORK!!

There are so many decisions to be made as a painting evolves, also much joy and frustration. But if it were never done, it would never be seen. It wouldn’t exist because someone with talent was waiting for inspiration, but inspiration is slow or never comes. You can’t wait for inspiration and ignore the sheer joy of applying paint: painting.

Just start! Think about it some, then put a mark on a vast, pure white canvas.

Tom Semple